Originally an independent production company focused on creating digital media business solutions, the Imprint Society is currently comprised of a committed group of professional designers and developers who have an intense enthusiasm and devotion to audio/visual projects, and a desire to work together to tell stories of significance without compromise to what is currently politically correct. We also pride ourselves in exploring affordable yet cutting edge interactive and media solutions that will promote financial growth or reduce costs for our clients.

At the end of December 2013 we wrapped up filming several projects and are currently working on filming projects this year. We are still looking for more projects.

As a proud social enterprise  our primary purpose is the common good. Our products and services help generate funds for our projects that creates jobs for local acting, modeling, artistic, musical, and technical talents.  We address the intractable social need to assist aspiring talents in photography, video, music, and the arts to find career opportunities, and therefore our primary purpose is completely integrated into all of our project endeavors.  Please read about our externships, projects, events, and Meetups for more opportunities.

Imprint Society's main goal is to give clients of any skill level a way to make their projects come to life. Whether that project is a hobby or for a career, profit or nonprofit. We simply wish to find people with passion for the things they love working on. Photography, filmmaking, gaming, etc, Imprint Society way to keep your cost to a minimal. Other projects we do can be done free of cost altogether. We are a group dedicated to making clients' visions into reality.

We are currently sponsored by Wallaby Designs where we now utilize the facility to manage our projects.  

1811 W. Park Row Ave.
Arlington, TX 76010

The University of Texas at Arlington hosts our public forums for the Arlington Film Group and the Arlington Photography Group.