Thanks to a collaboration with the University of Texas at Arlington Continuing Education Division there are externship opportunities held during August of each year beginning 2013.

Externship means to job shadow an individual, typically a respected professional within an industry or workplace a student has interest in pursuing. Externships are typically held for short time period lasting anywhere from a single day to eight weeks and are often held over a student’s winter or spring break whereas internships tend to be eight weeks long at minimum.

The other major difference between externships and internships are that externships typically are unpaid and the student usually doesn’t receive school credit for their experience. Even though the student is directly in the workplace, they’re still only shadowing the professional or group of professionals rather than having work delegated and projects assigned, such as one would have in an internship. The top aspect to remember when deciphering the difference of an externship versus an internship is that externships are used mainly to explore interests and curiosities whereas internships act as the bridge from student life to professional life.

For example, an audio/visual student desperate for real world experience within the industry would most likely hold a fall or summer internship for a well known local production company. On the other side, an audio/visual student who only had a single week free in summer might hold an externship with the producer of the Imprint Society, still gaining valuable experience but holding it for a shorter duration and mainly for observational purposes.

Landing externships with the Imprint Society is done strictly through the University of Texas at Arlington Continuing Education Division website.  These opportunities are posted on their sight around May or June each year and runs between August 15 to August 31.  For more information please contact the technical coordinator at 817-272-2581.

In the end, both externships and internships are extremely beneficial for a student of any major. The trick is proper time management to know which is the best fit, at the given time.  Contact us directly for externship opportunities.