Updated October 9, 2014

As founder of the Imprint Society, anyone who knows me understands that I set the standard for "work hard, play hard".  Joining our team means you see this group as much as your own, and you want to not only be a part of the growth, but a direct contributor as well.  You think of the big picture, and also enjoy the ride.  There is a place for just about anyone as long as you're positive and enjoy being around positive people who truly love their craft.  There is no place for mercenaries here, because what brought the original team together was the love of what we do.  Our production studio is a little unusual because we're likely one of the few, if not only production studio that is a social enterprise.  The ultimate goal is to help members of the local community to fulfill their aspirations in the arts (video, dance, acting, modeling, music, art, etc.)  and even technology (video editing, photo editing, gaming, social media, etc.).  

Don, Producer

We are looking for talented people to help grow the core team:

  • (Fast) Sketch artist - For storyboards and concept art.  Must have experience with science fiction, fantasy, and period pieces.
  • Movie poster designer - A very specific talent.  Please DO NOT submit logos, invitations, brochures, etc. to us.  Mock up different posters if you have to for different movie genres, but remember this is a very specific need that we have.
  • Director and assistant director - We use different directors for different projects, and we work with both experienced and inexperienced talents.  If you have a good eye and have strong (diplomatic) leadership skills, then there is a place for you.
  • Coordinator - THE MOST DEMANDING position on the team besides the producer.  You make things happen.  You have no problem calling the producer and other team members in the middle of the night, and being called in the middle of the night for anything and everything.  You live, breath, and relish that you mastermind and whip things into place so that the producer can have breathing room to...produce $$$  You understand that if the producer can focus on producing then everyone ends up making money and/or enjoying perks like field trips to conventions or parties.  You don't have hang ups about anything, and you're almost amoral other than a strong work ethic.  You are an adrenaline junky that enjoys parties and other social venues, who lives for the thrill of creating things and working with lots of people.  Recluses and other anti-social souls need not apply for this job.  In return for your hard work, you are rewarded financially and often favored to earn travel benefits and other perks.  In a sense, you are an avatar for the producer.
  • Camera crew (professional) - Your team actually owns your equipment.  No wannabe "guys-with-camera" aka GWC.
  • Camera crew (amateur) - A non-paying apprentice position.  You are doing this for experience, and will be sent off to work at low or zero budget projects as part of our social community efforts.  You will get opportunities to work as behind-the-scene crew secondary to the professionals on sponsored projects as well.  You'll learn how to improve your techniques and be mentored by professionals. There are opportunities to grow into professional roles.

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