Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Final summer Trinity River shoot will be August 8th. All cast will meet at 5pm for makeup; shooting begins 5:30pm and ends 7:30pm. All cast members are expected to wear swimsuits (both males and females). Remember you'll all be immortalized on screen so please stay in shape. Bring sunscreen because it's going to be hot.

Note: If you have never been to this event before please try to get there early to account for getting lost and looking for parking space! The walk from car to location is about a 10-15 minutes assuming you can easily find parking. The sun doesn't wait for anyone so it is imperative that we start on time.

Main crew (Don, Emet, and Ali) will arrive prior to 5pm to establish multiple setups. Thanks again everybody!

Monday, June 10, 2013

The “Ghost Stories” project has secured a new director, William V. Colter, because of this change we are modifying the shooting schedule. See his reel:

The visual effects shots will occur on 29 June, at 9 PM until 12 AM. We will release a casting call and locational information on June 23. There will be no dialogue for the effects shots . The main shooting schedule will be released on July 1st .


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