Michael's Guitar Studio

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Providing guitar lessons for beginners and advanced players alike, the studio offers convenient lesson times, including evenings and weekends. The guitar lesson studio is family owned with strong roots in the Arlington TX community catering to both kids guitar lessons and adults.  The company attracts visitors from Arlington, Mansfield, Kennedale, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie and other surrounding areas.

My Best Friend in the World

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This story was inspired during a conversation with Don's niece and nephew visiting from Mexico while driving around town. When asked if they ever had interests in acting they both revealed theatre experience in school. Noticing that the cousins were acting like the bestest of friends with faux fights and pranks Don wanted to create a story that explored their relationship further. Daniel often pretends to physically harm his cousin, so the idea of him actually getting a screen opportunity lit up. To further add to the complexity of the story Ingrid would take on the role of a lonely but energetic girl looking to make friends--whether real or otherwise. One of the neighborhood bridges served as the main location for filming when the original location could not be easily located due to a lapse in Don's memory. Nevertheless the new location proved to be an easier place to work at because there was less noise froim traffic in this part of the neighborhood.

•The project was shot entirely with a single Nokia PureView 808 camera phone.
•George the monkey doll actually belongs to Pedro Martinez, and the final scene serves as a humorous onscreen reunion for the two.
•Since the project was film during the month of August, all local streams were dry, so water had to be digitally added during post production.
•Due to time and budget constraints, Pedro was used as reference point to add in an ambulance, police car, and officer in post production with Ingrid and Margarita were filmed hugging indoors in front of a yellow wall.
•During the scene where Daniel is invited to have dinner at Ingrid's house, he was actually wearing a white T-shirt, because his yellow T-shirt was already packed and ready for his return to Mexico. The shirt had to be recolored with lettering added in during post production.
•The project took two days to shoot with Day 1 going from 11:00am - 3:00pm and resuming 10:00pm - 11:45pm. Day 2 went from 4am - 5am. Post editing totaled xxx hours.

Ingrid, often called by her middle name "Alexa" by family members, is a young lonely girl visiting her grandmother for the summer. Within a short time, she befriends a young boy and later discovers a tragic secret about her new "best friend in the world".

Medics & Menders

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Medics & Menders are manufacturers of high end medical scrubs. The founding members channel their inspiration from the admiration and respect towards physicians and all others who represent the medical community. The attention to detail in the construction of the scrubs are immediately recognized for the quality of the fabrics and the designer fit of the apparel.

Medics & Menders recognizes the unending sacrifice that physicians carry out daily in their lives. For that, proceeds from all sales goes towards the Make a Wish Foundation.

The Imprint Society was approached to create a commercial that gives viewers a glamorized glimpse into the lives of two physicians.

First video is a lifestyle story about the day in the life of two physicians while featuring M&M products. Second video features technical specifications of products.

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